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6drip is a social site that relies on YOU submitting images. We encourage you to upload as many pics of you and your friends as possible (with their consent of course), and to vote and comment on as many pics as possible. Be involved in the community!

- Vote and comment on as many posts as possible to boost your status.
- Invite your friends to use 6drip. It's more fun when a lot of your friends are involved!
- Click the "Tweet" button on posts you like.
- Upload pics and share them with your friends!

- Use the "post anonymously" feature if you don't want people to know you submitted something, and your name won't appear with it.

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How to use 6drip: Vote if you would marry, smash, or kill each girl.
» Marry = the wedding icon
» Smash = the sex icon
» Kill = the knife icon
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